Shakespeare en Kabul: es universal?

Vamos a hablar sobre la “universalidad” de Shakespeare. La gente que discute sobre Shakespeare usualmente pertenecen a dos grupos: A) Shakespeare es universal. Todos lo aman cuando ven su obra y él captura la condición humana, etcétera, etcétera. B) Shakespeare es un gran escritor del teatro que definitivamente mostraba las luchas comunes de mucha gente, […]

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Translating Shakespeare

About a week ago, I had a fantastic meeting with the president of the Fundación Shakespeare Argentina (FSA), Dra. Mercedes de la Torre, and her husband, who is the Executive Director. Aside from realizing we’ve all visited the same, extremely out of the way, fantastically decorated garden in Italy, over tea and coffee, sitting in […]

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Shakespeare in Kabul

Let’s talk about the “universality” of Shakespeare. People who talk about Shakespeare fall (usually) into two camps. A) Shakespeare is universal. Everyone loves him when they experience him and he captures the human condition, etc, etc, etc. B) Shakespeare’s a great playwright who definitely was great at portraying struggles that are obviously common to a lot […]

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