The Disenfranchised and the Martyr: Merchant of Venice part 2

Courtroom Scene: the Exercise of Power Antonio, Shylock, and Portia’s diverse objectives and power relations unite in the courtroom and counter each other: Portia wants to save Antonio’s life, Antonio wants Bassanio to appreciate his immense sacrifice, and Shylock wants his vengeance. In what he thinks is his ultimate sacrifice, Antonio paints himself as the […]

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Shakespeare en Kabul: es universal?

Vamos a hablar sobre la “universalidad” de Shakespeare. La gente que discute sobre Shakespeare usualmente pertenecen a dos grupos: A) Shakespeare es universal. Todos lo aman cuando ven su obra y él captura la condición humana, etcétera, etcétera. B) Shakespeare es un gran escritor del teatro que definitivamente mostraba las luchas comunes de mucha gente, […]

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